On April 15, 2008, a Severe Thunderstorm hit Soroti District in Northeast Uganda. After talking with others in town, we estimate that the sustained winds were in excess of 40 mph. We have not found anyone -- young or old -- that can remember a storm more severe than this one.

Power went off Tuesday morning, and is not expected to return until Friday at the earliest at our home, and next week for Calvary Radio.

We praise the Lord that all of the missionaries are safe. Our homes, and ministries suffered little or no damage

hopeless_small.jpg debrisatchurch_small.jpg housenexttoours_small.jpg localgasstation_small.jpg
pambaintersection_small.jpg pambaintersection2_small.jpg whichway_small.jpg bottomsup_small.jpg
skylights_small.jpg debrispath_small.jpg

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