January 2019 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

HOLIDAYS: Our Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the USA had both similarities and differences compared to the years we are in Uganda. In both settings we have enjoyed time with our church family and the bond we have as the body of Christ. The colder weather in the USA is shocking sometimes, and we have appreciated the recent milder temps! We did enjoy getting together with Amie’s family for Christmas and with Dan’s family for New Year’s. While December is one of the busiest months in America, the holiday season is typically a quieter period in Uganda because schools are closed for two months, and many students and families spend extended time in their home villages. As we look back on 2018 and ahead to 2019, rejoice with us for all that God has done and continues to do to build His church.

HOMES: A quote says, “Home is where your heart is.” We have multiple homes! Our home church, Trinity Baptist Church, is one, and we have been blessed to base these last two months from a borrowed house near our home church. This has allowed us to participate in ministry at Trinity (including updating the computers for their two Christian radio stations and helping with some construction and painting in one of the buildings) and to strengthen relationships with our home church family. Abbie and Emilie have loved being involved in Trinity’s youth group! Our church plant, Faith Baptist Church, and community in Uganda are also home. Our ministry partners, the Applegate family, are currently living in our house and ministering to Faith Baptist Church. We are thankful that they have been there to oversee some necessary repairs to appliances at the house and to continue evangelism, discipleship, and preaching at the church. Praise the Lord with us for His provision of wonderful places to call home!

HIGHWAYS: Our van could also be considered a home! Amie and the kids often homeschool in the van, and we have a lot of family time together in our mobile family room! As we look ahead to the next three months, we will be in meetings along the East Coast until mid-February. Then we head to the Midwest for 2 weeks, back to the Southeast, a quick trip to Texas, and then up to Pennsylvania for Easter. We do appreciate your prayers for safety (and sanity!) as we travel on the highways.


  • Opportunities to minister as part of our home church.
  • Safe arrival in Uganda for the Applegate family.


  • The Applegate family as they settle in Namugongo and build relationships at Faith Baptist.
  • Continued safety and wisdom as we begin another phase of furlough travel.

For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire


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