May-June 2018 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

FOUR MILLION: The estimated number of visitors who came to our neighborhood for the annual Uganda Martyrs’ Day celebration on June 3 commemorating 45 Ugandans martyred for their faith from 1885-1887. When we lived in Soroti, we knew the date was celebrated widely by the Catholic and Anglican churches at the Martyrs’ shrines in Namugongo, but we had no idea how big of a commemoration it was. Last year we were amazed by the masses that took over our neighborhood when the number of “pilgrims” was between 2.5 and 3 million. This year the estimates were over 1 million higher! While the count peaked on Sunday, June 3, hundreds of thousands arrived on the preceding Wednesday through Saturday. Many even flew in from Europe and North America. By Sunday, 1 out of 10 people in the country of Uganda was within 2 miles of our church.

TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND: The number of tracts given out in four days. After seeing the number of people who came to town for last year’s Martyrs’ Day, we realized that God had placed us in a unique position to be able to share the Gospel with them. We began praying about ways to reach this year’s multitudes with the message of salvation, and God led Dan to develop a tract entitled, “What Is Worth Dying For?” with specific appeal to those remembering the Martyrs. One gentleman in our church did the artwork while two brothers in our church who own a media company coordinated the printing of the full-color, glossy tracts.

INFINITE: The difference the Gospel makes to those who receive it. Though we were having our regular services during the official festivities on Sunday morning, June 3, our church family was out Wednesday through Saturday giving tracts. For our Saturday outreach, twelve students from East Africa Baptist College (at another missionary’s church across town) came to help over a dozen people from our church in distributing tracts for two 2-hour periods. A few recipients who lived nearby asked for more information about Faith Baptist Church, and 5 individuals put their faith in Christ through the witness of the students and our church family. Please keep praying that many more come to Christ as they read the tract and learn that Christ loved them enough to die for them!


  • Our needed government paperwork.
  • 5 people (that we are aware of) who trusted Christ during this outreach.
  • The majority of our furlough meetings scheduled.


  • Those who received tracts to put their faith in Christ.
  • Our teammates, Tony Applegate family, on their furlough, and for us as we prepare for ours.

For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire


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