March-April 2017 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

NOT ONE PERSON. When we moved to Wakiso District, we did not know anyone in this part of the capital city area. We planned to begin with no one and establish relationships through which we would evangelize, then disciple the believers, and eventually begin meeting together as a group of believers.  But the Lord has been here at work far longer than we have. Before God brought us here, he had brought other believers--one is our security guard, Robert (who is of the same Ateso tribe as those in Soroti where we served for the last 12 years)!  Dan has begun a Bible study with Robert and our other guard who we saw come to Christ last month. Dan is also discipling Robert as well as another young man who was saved in another missionary’s ministry and recently moved to Wakiso for work. Amie has had several conversations with a neighbor lady and hopes to begin discipleship with her soon.  There is also a gentleman who was saved and discipled in Mbale (where Truth FM is) and now lives with his family about one mile away from us. Many of these have already expressed interest in a new church. Praise the Lord for preparing several people, not just one!

NOT ONE LANGUAGE. We continue to meet more of our neighbors, we are amazed at the variety of backgrounds and cultures represented in our immediate neighborhood, not to mention the community at large. Just within a half-mile of our house we have met people from over a dozen language groups and even other countries! In May we plan to begin language classes in the predominant local language, Luganda. At East Africa Baptist College where Dan teaches a weekly 3-hour class, he has students from 5 different countries.  Please pray for wisdom in effectively communicating God’s Word to others.

NOT ONE DAY. As we rejoice in the people God has been preparing for His Word here in Wakiso, we realize that it will not take as long as we first expected to have a group with which to begin regular weekly ministry. We do not want to rush ahead of God’s timetable, but we certainly do not want to lag behind, either. We are prayerfully planning to begin weekly Bible studies in May following some scheduled times of prayer with a few of those to whom God has already led us.  Thank you for praying with us for wisdom and direction as we begin so that we are not even one day earlier or later than His will.


  • People prepared for His Word and excited about a new church plant.
  • The students God has brought to the Bible College.


  • Our Uganda Field Conference (April 25-27). Dan is the conference coordinator.
  • Wisdom in learning language and taking the next steps of church planting.
  • More souls in Uganda to come to Christ.


For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire

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