March 2021 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

FAITH: Faith Baptist Church has had a busy start to 2021. National elections in the middle of January required several of our church members to return to their respective villages for voting, and many remained for several weeks to see how the nation would respond to the results. After a week of internet blackout (and a 3-week social media blockage), things began to return to their post-lockdown normal. In February, we had a Couples Conference over Valentine’s weekend. In March, Amie taught our resumed Ladies Bible Study and we held our first annual FBC Missions Conference!

FAMILIES: The government requires an annual meeting for all missionaries under BIMI’s registration here in Uganda. We had planned to hold that meeting in January, but it was postponed to February due to the unpredictability of the election season. A total of 43 adults and children attended, and we enjoyed the encouragement of our roundtable discussions and our virtual guest preachers. Our home was also the location for this year’s Teen MK Overnight. With the help of another missionary couple, we hosted 15 teenagers! Another way we enjoyed ministering to families was through pre-marital counseling. Another pair of Bible College graduates completed counseling and were married in March. Dan had the privilege to preach the challenge to the couple while Amie arranged all of the flowers, and Emilie served on the photography team.

FURLOUGH: We will be returning for a short furlough during the summer and early fall as we take Abbie back to begin college. We will be focusing our meeting schedule on Alabama and surrounding states over the summer. October has filled up, but we still have a few dates available in the Mid-Atlantic states in September. Pastors, if you would like us to update your church in person, please call, text, or email us at the phone number or email listed below.


• Master Planning and Conceptual Design process for new Faith Baptist Church land.
• Furlough preparations: physical, ministerial, emotional, and logistical.
• Tony & Kristy Applegate and our FBC Servant Leadership as they continue church ministry.

• Safety during the election period.
• New Christians growing in their faith.
• Conferences for Couples, Missionaries, and Missions.
• The opportunity to see many of you later this year!


For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire


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