September 2017 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

SEEK AND FIND. For months we prayed (as many of you did) for God’s direction to a place to begin weekly services for the church plant here in Namugongo, Wakiso. Dan and one of the Ugandan men he has been meeting with went to several places, both separately and together, seeking the Lord’s guidance. For weeks, they kept looking at places that seemed promising, but every place was either too small, too inaccessible, or too expensive. Finally Dan looked at a place that initially seemed like it would not work—after all, wasn’t there a bar upstairs and another one in the back of this shopping complex? Well, there had been a bar upstairs—a 1,400-square-foot space which was surely far above our budget—but it closed down in January. But later that day, the landlord called and offered the space right within our budget!.

ASK AND RECEIVE. The next day, we went back to that site as a family to look at the upstairs space with some fellow missionaries who were in town and staying with us for a few days. We definitely saw great potential in the space. A couple of days later, Dan also showed it to the other gentleman with whom he had been looking for locations. Then each family committed to pray for God’s confirmation. And God gave all of us peace. He even prepared the landlord to accept our requests to remodel the space (to remove the bar that juts out into the main room and to repair the loose floor tiles). They also agreed to lock in our rate for 24 months and to allow us to make other renovations to the building. Dan signed the contract on Friday, July 21, and work began the next day. Most renovations to the auditorium and entry are complete, and the bathrooms should be finished this week. The first Sunday services of Faith Baptist Church--Namugongo will be September 3! We will work on the classrooms later, once we have saved up for the cost of paint and repairs to those rooms as well as some other general improvements and signage.

See pictures of the remodeling progress in the PDF Version!

KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED. We began Tuesday evening prayer meetings on August 15. Each week we have prayed for the new church plant, the Christians of the church, and our community. Specifically, we have prayed for God to open the hearts of the neighbors of the building who have seen us remodeling over the past month. As we were locking the gate after prayer meeting this past Tuesday, two young men were waiting to talk to us. Dan had talked briefly to one of them previously and had given him a gospel tract. The two said they were ready to become Christians. After Dan shared the Gospel with them, both accepted Christ! What a joy to see God answering prayers and saving souls!


  • The Christians God is assembling to become Faith Baptist Church--Namugongo.
  • His amazing provision of a location. (See Google Street View from 2015)
  • Souls already being saved at the church location.


  • September 3, 2017: The first Sunday services of Faith Baptist Church--Namugongo.
  • Dan’s students at East Africa Baptist College (Midterm Exams, September 5-8).
  • Wisdom in planning, budgeting, and completing the renovations of the church building.

NOTE: Our next furlough is September 2018 to May 2019. More details in next letter.

For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire


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