March-April 2019 Prayer Letter | PDF Version

GOING: Praise God for His continued protection as we have traveled over 13,000 miles during our 6 months in the USA. We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and reconnect with many of you along our journey, and we have been overwhelmed by your loving generosity to us for the ministry in Uganda. We’ve also been blessed to visit some historical sites and science centers along the way which have made our kids’ homeschooling (van-schooling) more memorable.

GROWING: We have been excited to hear that Faith Baptist Church continues to grow while we have been away. Praise the Lord with us for those who are continuing with discipleship and following the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. Because of the growth, we plan to meet with the landlord to discuss expanding the church facilities into the adjacent, unoccupied space. Please pray for us to know what is realistic and for the landlord to be gracious and generous as we negotiate a new rental contract. Please also keep praying for the Lord to direct us to an affordable and appropriate permanent location for the church to relocate in the next two years.

GONE: Our next prayer letter will come to you from Uganda. We fly out from Atlanta on Monday, May 20, and we would appreciate your prayers for safety in travel, security of our belongings, and efficiency through customs and immigration. Shortly after we arrive, the annual Martyrs’ Day celebrations will take place on Monday, June 3. Please pray as we prepare to give the Gospel to some of the estimated 4 million visitors who will pass right by our church on their way to a shrine of false hope just a mile away.


  • Safety, protection, and opportunities during furlough.
  • Continued growth of Faith Baptist Church (Namugongo).
  • Enabling Amie and the kids to finish this year of school early.


  • Safe and efficient return to Uganda. We depart May 20.
  • Rent negotiations for Faith Baptist Church.
  • Outreach during Martyrs’ Day weekend, June 1-3.

For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire

NOTE: Please use our sending church address for any mail before the end of April. Beginning in May,please use our Uganda mailing address.


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