July 2024 Prayer Letter | PDF Version


Greetings from Africa! God has been answering your prayers in building His church at Faith Baptist Church. In 2020, we and our ministry partners, the Applegate Family, asked you to pray about our need for a permanent church home. God miraculously provided funds to buy land in just a few weeks! However, with Covid-related delays, it took nearly 2 years to get the final land title. Three months later, we contracted a Ugandan company to prepare official building plans and documentation to obtain the building permits. We had no idea that completing all the required steps of this process would take two more years!

NOW we finally have building permits and have just broken ground for construction! Because our location is in the capital city metropolitan area, costs of construction are much higher than they would be in the village. Zoning and safety requirements include costly items such as a septic system instead of pit latrines, storm-water management, and a security perimeter wall. (These three items alone total over $20,000!).

We rejoice that over the past 5 years, Faith Baptist Church members have given nearly $50,000 towards the construction process through tithes and offerings. Some of this was used to obtain the plans and permits. But the total cost of construction is significantly more.

As your missionaries, we are asking you to pray. Pray that our church members would continue their faith promise missions giving while giving towards the church construction. Pray that God would provide financially both to and through our church. Pray about sending a construction team to come assist us physically with the work.

Culturally, it is expected that church members will seek contributions from family and friends for church construction projects, and our Building Committee is encouraging our members to do that now. We rarely present financial requests in our letters. But for this project we are asking you, our family and friends:

Will you pray about sending a special financial gift – not to
exempt our church from giving but to partner with them?

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for us and to pray about a special gift towards the construction of Faith Baptist Church. May the Lord bless you.


For Christ,

Dan, Amie, Abbie, Emilie and Eric Dwire

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