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Church Planting: Our primary purpose as missionaries is to establish indigenous independent Baptist Churches.  The faithful preaching of God’s Word is vital to accomplishing this purpose, and Dan regularly preaches at the Independent Baptist Church of Soroti, the “hub church” for the ministries here in the Soroti area.  The church also operates the Independent Baptist Bible Institute. Dan is one of the missionary men who teach various classes both to men preparing for the pastorate and other full-time ministry and to our faithful church members desiring to increase their understanding and application of God’s Word. Dan has been able to teach classes to many of the men leading the three other churches planted around Soroti District. To grow the body of believers, we regularly disciple new Christians to help them grow in the Lord and to prepare them to disciple others also.

Radio: Calvary Radio expands the scope of ministry by providing Bible teaching both for evangelism of the lost and for the spiritual growth of believers. A typical broadcast hour includes a 20-30 minute program of Bible preaching plus a few short spots such as devotionals, medical tips, or audio Gospel tracts.  The remaining time is filled with God-honoring Christian music that emphasizes the Gospel message and points hearts to God. Each week, the Gospel is presented in six different languages common in our coverage area.

In August of 2009, God provided a new solar power system which allows us to operate the station every day regardless of the quality or availability of power from the utility company.  We are able to reach an estimated population of over 3 million souls in towns and villages as far as 100 miles away. We have received word of multiple villages in the far reaches of our coverage area where a group of believers has been saved through the ministry of this radio station and are now meeting together to worship.  Additionally, many visitors have come to the four churches planted in our coverage area as a result of the programs on the radio, and many of these have come to Christ and become faithful in one of the churches. Calvary Radio is reaping a harvest of souls while planting the seed for a harvest to come.

Medicine: Amie’s skills and training as a Registered Nurse are in high demand on the mission field!  She often receives calls from other missionaries with medical questions for their families.  Her degree has also allowed her to minister to the nurses at the local Regional Referral Hospital.  The primary focus of her medical ministry is to the basic medical needs of the orphans at the Soroti Orphan Assistance Project – the orphan ministry in which we are involved.

Orphans: Soroti Orphan Assistance Project (SOAP) accepts into its care and custody, children who are double orphans (having lost both father and mother). We become their parental caregivers and provide for their physical needs along with godly nurturing and training for spiritual development. Through ministering to these children, SOAP seeks to further the work of church planting in Uganda in several ways, including the following:

• Many new Christians lack an understanding of core Bible stories and principles forcing our Bible Institutes and discipleship classes to spend more time on "milk" and less on "meat." By beginning a ministry to these children at an early age, when they reach adulthood, they will already have a solid foundation in the God's Word and Christian character to build upon in the Bible Institute and Seminary as we train those called to be church planters and missionaries.

• Corruption is rampant in all of Africa. Many Ugandans make decisions based on a corrupt worldview. Our prayer is that many of these orphans will grow up to be church planters and missionaries, but also that the others will be business leaders and government officials who will be light in this dark land and lay leadership in future churches planted by their peers.

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