Village Choirs

Through contacts our national pastor makes through his preaching program on Calvary Radio, we learn of village choirs that have composed and prepared Christian songs. After screening the music they have prepared, we go out to their village and record the choir singing. Not only is this a great opportunity to meet some of our radio listeners, it also allows us to give the Gospel to that village. Usually, we are able to leave a Bible (in the local language) with one of the village leaders and give tracts to everyone who comes. After Dan edits the recordings, the music is added to Calvary Radio’s music library and played on air. The songs (often adaptations from scripture passages) bring encouragement and conviction to our listeners who love to hear songs sung in the traditional style and accompanied by the local harps and other traditional instruments.


Katine Choir - My Son, Give Me Your Heart.mp3
Katine Choir - Ceng Aneno Kede Yesu.mp3
Orungo Choir - Yesu Ijorojo Haleluia.mp3
Osudi Choir - Amungini (Instrumental).mp3


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